Campaign Thoughts, and Looking Ahead!


Good day everyone! Warm greetings from Realmsoft!

By now you’ve probably seen that Ambrosia’s Kickstarter did not meet its campaign goal. We’ve said it already, but we just can’t say it enough — thank you, everyone, for all of your amazing support and encouragement throughout this process. Seriously, it’s been extremely motivating and heartwarming to see our game be received and accepted with such excitement. Despite not reaching our goal, your response let us know we have an audience, and that helps give us high hopes for Ambrosia’s future.

We want to assure you that we aren’t canceling the project. Our plan is to continue developing Ambrosia as we have been, and we invite you to follow us along on our journey to the finish line. We love this game we’ve been making, and we believe we have something special here. We want badly to see it done — to share it with the world, and especially with those of you who’ve become excited for it. So we’re not gonna stop now! As far as we’re concerned, Realmsoft is just getting started. We hope to have you with us.

For any significant updates concerning release date or a beta period, we’ll send word through Kickstarter, so make sure to stay subscribed if you want to be in the loop! For additional, smaller updates, we intend to maintain a regular presence on our website and various social media-things too.

Naturally we’ll be primarily devoting our time to development, but we want to be able to show you how we’re progressing, and to just share things for the fun of it — but more importantly, we’ll be monitoring our feeds and will be sure to respond to fans or otherwise-curious individuals with questions. Our lines are open, and we always love to hear from you!

And for now, here’s some additional musings and extrapolation about the Kickstarter:

The money from this campaign was intended for strengthening our asset creation pipeline, and to help more of the team work on a full-time basis. Basically, tightening up our production schedule and ensuring minimal complications. Obviously we’ll have to make do with “Plan B,” but the good news is that Plan B is what we’ve been doing all along, and we ought to be able to continue like this too.

Some people have asked what a lack of funding might do to the scope of Ambrosia. If we play our cards right, we should be able to make the same game we’ve always planned to make, sticking to our planned outline. Worst case, if production ends up dragging too long, we’d be looking at reducing the overall length of the game (ie, cutting a boss or some such).

Frankly though, we feel the fun of Ambrosia doesn’t hinge on being a long game. The heart of Ambrosia is in its mechanics — its unique customization system and its good-feeling, tight controls, and those aren’t going anywhere. I mean, they’re already in the game, so they really *can’t* go anywhere. Obviously the bigger of a playground we can build for you, the better, but we feel Ambrosia will be a complete package whether it ends up being told in 8, or 7 chapters.

We currently have no solid plans concerning our beta phase, going early access, or running an additional fundraiser. For now we’re mostly itching to focus full-blast on development again, and we’ll be considering our options going forward. Of course, feel free to let us know your thoughts! As we make our decisions, it’s very helpful to know what our audience wants or expects to see. On that note, feel free to ask any other questions as well, if you have any queries or curiosities concerning our path from here.

Thanks again, everyone — really and truly, from the bottoms of our ever-melting hearts! We’re so thankful to each and every person who contributed to the campaign. Real-talk here: we’re bad at marketing. We’re just creators making a thing we like, and hardly anyone knows about us. Our lack of presence and following, our lack of exposure going into this, meant this Kickstarter had every reason to fail. Yet very magically and organically, y’all seemed to find us, and you gave us fledgling, unknown developers a strong fighting chance to hit our goal. And that’s awesome. Like I said at the top of this letter, it’s super encouraging. Thanks for finding us, and especially for supporting us.

Stay tuned and keep on trucking, everyone! Good health and happiness to all!